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There’s been a small (and by small I mean huge) explosion over here. One of the red white & blue crazy craftastic variety. I love holidays. I’ll pretty much make any excuse to celebrate and craft, so when a holiday rolls around it’s on like donkey kong as they say.

I was super excited about finally making a mesh ribbon wreath. It’s been on the I wanna try that list for some time after seeing hordes of them popping up in the craft stores for the past year.

One such store was offering classes on how to make them, but since I’m a cheapskate with a limited calendar I decided to carefully inspect the model and try to figure it out for myself instead. I’m not certain how long I was standing there, wreath in hand, paper and pen in the other, when a sales lady ventured over and mentioned the class. I smiled politely and gave the same description of myself as above (cheapskate, no free time). She laughed and said, “you know I thought you looked familiar – you’re the one who comes in a couple times a week and buys one thing, always with a coupon!” I was totally embarrassed but equally proud. She must have appreciated my approach and offered a 5 minute mini-crash-course in all things mesh ribbon, including the wreath. Thank you ma’am.

Not long after, my mother and her friend spent a “girls” night teaching each other how to make them (see where I get it from?) and she knew I’d be a very interested pupil so she called me as soon as she got home to relay the details. She also offered the ribbon left on her rolls.

Destiny, people, destiny.

Life is wonderfully circular; karma can be quite the blessing – so guess who’s up for rewards? YOU darlings, it’s YOU! (that is, of course, if you consider a full and totally free mesh ribbon wreath tutorial a blessing – and, duh, you totally should…)

Blah, blah, blah… Let me stop all this babbling and get on with the show already!


Let’s go:


Mesh Ribbon Wreath

Mesh ribbon is one of the coolest materials I’ve ever worked with. It’s easily manipulated, usually has a sparkly sheen, and holds shape fairly well when secured. It now comes in a variety of colors and lengths available at major craft stores, and with your 40% off coupon in hand, you can purchase it for a fair price.

This wreath is merely an example of what you can do. Once you start experimenting, please share your ideas! One project with this stuff and you’ll be hooked.

Materials: see above. For this project you’ll need 3 rolls (red, white, blue – one of each) of 21″ mesh ribbon.


Step One: Cut ribbon into 36″ (1 yard) strips.


Step Two: For this project, you’ll need four strips of each color (total of 12). As you can see they like to re-roll themselves.


Step Three: Weigh down the corners for easier handling. Fold all corners and sides into each other. Use the numbers as guides. Start with the corners, then bring in the long sides.

Step Four: This illustrates Step Three. (Don’t mind my assistant’s feet. Lil E’Boo is fascinated by mesh ribbon too.)


Step Five: All your folding should achieve this shape. You’re looking at what will be the “back” of the piece.


Step Six: Secure with pipe cleaner of same ribbon color, tying in the back. (Or any type of wire or string.)


Step Seven: (1) Using the same pipe cleaner, secure the piece to the ribbon form. Tie it around the form so you can easily slide it later if needed. (2) Continue with all twelve pieces, alternating colors as you go. (3) Once they’re all on, push them around to evenly space them around the wreath form.


Step Eight: (1) Secure garland to any part of the wreath form. (It doesn’t need to slide later.) (2) Weave and work the garland around all aspects of your wreath. (3) Observe it’s prettiness.

C’est finit!


Let’s tour:

It’s hard to gauge how monstrous this thing really is. Here, Madam Wreath lays on a hammock, you know, because wreaths need their beauty rest. She takes up more room than a small child.


Here, Madam Wreath is seen with the cupcake liner lanterns and assumes her final role as focal point of the in-progress mantle. (The mantle is now complete.).


I can’t help it. I love the way mesh ribbon folds and curls and catches light.


Here, Madam Wreath enjoys a country afternoon by the cornfield. She has a wonky red piece at the moment, but it gets fixed.



Okay. Our obsession with mesh ribbon is done. (For today.) Come back soon to see what we can do with the scraps! Like, say, a mesh ribbon kissing ball and some deco balls!


Stay tuned all week and part of next – we’ll be in festive fourth mode right up until the 4th!



festive fourth peckled love my friends,



  1. I’m a late bloomer (it’s 2014), but my love for crafting led me to mesh ribbon. I LOVE IT!!! My topiaries for breast cancer month are solid pink with pink pots and curly ribbon accents; They are so beautiful. Thank you for this wealth of info. Donna djhangelcoll10@yahoo.com

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